The basics

  • Wife to an elementary school teacher
  • Stay-at-home Mom to one beautiful boy
  • BA Degree in technical writing
The good stuff:
  • I have never broken a bone. Probably because I spend way more of my time planted in front of a computer than I do in the real world.
  • I hate the word binky. I can't explain why, but I hate saying it. (I don't mind if other people do.) My husband hates the word potty, so I guess our child will be a pacifier-using kid who goes to the restroom (but hopefully not at the same time).
  • I have terrible, terrible posture. Someday, I will be a hunchbacked old lady.
  • Even though I am the child of an English teacher and (according to my diploma) an English major, I have never read most of the literature "classics." A large portion of my knowledge of literature comes from that lovable hound Wishbone.
  • I hate folding cold laundry.  Most of our clothes end up quite staticky from being dried again and again (until I finally remember to pull them out in time) because I refuse to fold clothes that are cold. If I have to fold laundry, I'm going to get my fingers warm while I'm doing it.
  • I have an inexplicable inability to follow directions. It's not just that I can't follow directions (that is mostly just when I'm operating a vehicle), it's that I won't. I (most) always have to change something to fit how I want it to be, whether it's changing a recipe to work with what I have on-hand in the kitchen, altering a sewing pattern to make it longer/shorter, or taking a basic [simple] idea and twisting it to meet my own wicked [complicated] ends. 
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    Debra Joy said...

    I hate binky too! I especially hate writing it! I almost always opt to use pacifier. I also hate using the word breastfeed but that is just because it seems awkward. I love that you are blogging more. Yay!

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