I am in L-O-V-E with F-E-L-T: a shape book, a fairy tale, and FOOD

Around Christmastime, I fell in love with felt. As I am ever procrastinating, I love how forgiving felt is and how quickly you can put together a project -- no finishing edges. I also have a little obsession with hand-stitching, so felt and I get along great.

I created this simple little shape book for my best friend's 1-year old for her birthday in just an hour or so (I had an *awesome* flap book in mind for her, but I made it and hated it, so once I fix it I'll show it off :) ):

And for that same adorable girl, I made this felt castle, with moving drawbridge from this tutorial:

And these royal finger puppets from these tutorials (the princess is Red Riding Hood, minus hood, and the prince is the woodsman, plus crown...):

And now, on Helping Little Hands, a discovered-today blog that I love already, felt food tutorials. A TON of them. <3 Love it!


Heather said...

So fun and cute! I love it all. I just wish I could stand the feel of felt, but alas, I cannot. Check this out if you haven't
I want to make some, but mine will have faces.

Nick and Keira said...


you are too cool.

Say, you could teach me how to make a felt book, and I could do it for my son...


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