Homefront by Doris Gwaltney is a touching story of a young American girl's life before and during WWII. Margaret Ann's cousin, Courtney, comes to live with Margaret's family to escape the blitz on London in 1941. Not only does she take over Margaret Ann's new room, she also monopolizes Margaret's family and friends, including her boyfriend. Margaret and Courtney eventually learn to get a long, but only after Margaret's family has been touched deeply by the war as well.

Final word {contains a few small spoilers}: A. I loved this book. I connected with Margaret like I haven't connected with a character in a novel in a while. Margaret *hates* Courtney, and I hated her too, reading all of the terrible things she does. I also loved her later, once she and Margaret learn to get along.  I cried with her when Courtney claimed the puppy meant for her, and I seethed as Courtney manipulated Margaret's family and friends, getting out of work around the farm and making Margaret (and me) jealous.

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Heather said...

I need a good book to read. I am going to give this one a try. It sounds like my kind of story.

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