Read Across America in style

In case you didn't know, March in National Reading Month and March 2 (tomorrow!) is Read Across America Day, sponsored by the NEA. Why March 2? Because it's the birthday of Dr. Seuss, of course!

My husband's school is also having Crazy Hat Day tomorrow, so when I asked him last week after seeing this tutorial from Mama Lusco if he'd like a hat like The Cat in the Hat, he shocked me by saying yes. (Usually when I ask him about projects I see that I think are awesome, he just gives me a blank look that means "NO!")

I followed Mama Lusco's tutorial... mostly. Given my inability to follow directions, I made only a few changes:
  • Sub on-hand green and yellow felt for red and white
  • Skip the lining. The hat is probably a bit floppier this way, but I like it!
If I were to make another hat I would...
  • Double-check my measurements. Somehow I managed to cut (with my new rotary cutter and mat--woohoo!) one green strip smaller than the others. Hopefully it's not too noticeable...
  • Widen it just a tidge. The 22-inch strips make for a snug fit around my head, so I'd probably add another inch or so there.

1 comment:

Debra Joy said...

I care about this post! I really love that hate. I think if I had anywhere to wear it I would make one too but it would look a little funny on me at the grocery store.

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