I must confess... I'm starting Christmas (!)

It's not a secret: I'm not a seasonal decorator. Not in the least.

Last year, our little Christmas tree didn't even make it out of the box. On the years that it does have a reprieve from its cardboard confines, it usually stays up until Easter. I do redecorate it in that time: as an anniversary tree in January, a Valentine's tree in February, a St. Patty's tree in March, and then an Easter tree in April.

BUT this year, my child will actually maybe care about Christmas. At least enough to pull the lights off the tree. So, I am determined to have at least a touch of festive decor around so that you can actually tell in the photos that it's Christmas morning instead of... any other morning.

I know it's not even October yet and I still have Halloween and Thanksgiving before Christmas. But if I start now, there's a chance that the Christmas decor will make it out of the shed this year (Halloween and Thanksgiving don't even stand a chance at this point).

Craftbits is helping in this endeavor. They have a great section of fast and easy (and kid-friendly) Christmas gifts and decorations. This winter clothing garland will be perfect for my stair rail:
Or maybe this bon-bon garland would be better... I just can't decide!
A string of these little Christmas light plushies will be perfect for The Mr's classroom!
 And I'm saving my juice lids to make these snowmen for gift toppers:
In addition to these and other decoration ideas, Christmas Crafts at CraftBits has card ideas, tree ornaments, wreaths, and more. The instructions are easy to follow and the crafts are simple and cute. I think the only thing that could improve the site is more pictures of the finished and in-progress projects -- pictures are always better!

So, there, I've said it... I'm already gearing up for the Christmas holiday season. I may have even beat Walmart to the punch... or maybe not. ;) When do you start thinking about Christmas decorating? playing holiday music? or, if you're like my husband, practicing your Bah Humbug? ;)


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I love that bon-bon garland... I might need too try that. I drag out the Christmas decorations the Monday after Thanksgiving, and the Christmas carols start up on the ride back to Connecticut after spending Thanksgiving in Vermont. One holiday at a time is all I can handle!

Alexis said...

Never too early to start thinking about Christmas! Such cute Issas...

Melissa said...

I used to be all over it after Thanksgiving but now my husband has to practically whip me to get me to pull out the decorations. It is a long and unhappy story but there is a good reason.

If you start this early, I bet you will make it.

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