Halloween Paper Lanterns {free printable}

These paper lanterns, inspired by these at Moments of Mommyhood, are the perfect last-minute decoration, party favor, or kids craft. I put these four together this morning in about half an hour. In the spirit of treats not tricks, I've even put together a free printable of the faces for you. :)

What you need
  • paper or cardstock -- white, black, green, and orange
  • markers to draw your own faces or these free printable faces
  • scissors
  • glue, tape, stapler
What you'll do
1. After you've printed or drawn the faces, fold the paper in half horizontally (hot dog style).
2. Cut the paper in strips, starting at the fold and stopping just before the edge of the paper.
3. Unfold the paper.
4. Create a tube by matching the short edges of the paper and staple (or otherwise connect) the ends.

Now you can attach a paper handle or other embellishments and enjoy!

For Mr. Jack:
Cut a brown paper handle, a couple of green leaves, and a couple thing green strips of paper. Curl the green strips of paper using your fingers (like curling ribbon) to make the vine tendrils. Attach the handle to the lantern and the leaves and tendrils to the handle.

For Frankenstein:
Hair: Cut a strip of black paper that is zig-zaggy along one edge and straight along the other. (The strip needs to be as long as your paper is wide.) Glue to the green paper after printing/drawing the face, but before folding and cutting the paper.

Bolts: Cut two 1x2 inch strip of paper and roll them into tubes. Glue each tube closed and then glue them on opposite sides of Frankie's neck.

For Batty:
Wings: Print and cut the wing template (page 4 of the printable). Trace the wings on black paper and cut them out. Attach them to the back of a plain black bat body.

Eyes: Attach googly eyes (or paper eyes if your googly eyes are too small like mine were).

For Casper:
To make Casper most ghostly, cut the strips all the way to the bottom of the page (only the bottom) after unfolding the paper. Attach a handle and hang him in an appropriately spooky place... like the laundry room. :)

Happy (and safe) Haunting!

I"ll be haunting at these great parties:


Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

These are so clever! Love a quick project. Thanks for the printable!

Megan Harmeyer said...

Those are so cute!! Makes me wish our computer printer worked. :(

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

So darn cute! You come up with the funnest things!

equipo: Hannah/Noah/Hilke said...

They are cute....!

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