Feed me, feed you, feed the world (with RSS)

Welcome to Wednesday! Can you tell that something is different? Well... if you're reading this in a feed reader (like Google Reader) and you can't tell that anything is different -- good!

I switched my blog's feed to Feedburner yesterday. That just means that I now have access to stats about you in-reader readers, even if you don't click over to come visit me here at just Lu (which I'd still love for you to do, of course). Don't worry, Feedburner can't tell me that you're still in your pjs (or tell YOU that I am also still in my pjs) or that you're having a bad hair day (me too!) -- it just tells me little stats like how many of you there are and what feed readers you're using.

You should automatically receive the updates through your regular subscription, but if for some reason you're not receiving the updates in your reader, let me know (and thanks for clicking over anyway!). And, if you're new, you can subscribe to updates in your reader or your email inbox using those two new little links over there in the sidebar --->.

And if you're wondering what the whole feed thing is all about, come on over to Housewife Eclectic today. I've declared November, the foodiest month of the year, to be Feed Me month in my regular Wednesday on the Web (WotW) posts over there.

I'm taking the whole month of November to talk about topics related to web feeds -- publishing a feed, subscribing and reading a feed, and so forth. Today we're getting started with RSS and Feedburner -- what they are and how/why to use them. Hope to see you there!

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