Housewife MacGyver: Organize Thyself {plus printables}

The second MacGyver commandment:

I can give you no proof that MacGyver is an organized guy. His houseboat seems pretty well put together, though. Except when those crooks break in and wreck everything. That happens at least once every season.

So, this second commandment comes more from logic than from MacGyver inspiration. We are going to spend the rest of the year learning how to better use our resources, so we had better get straight what resources we have available. We'll never be able to save the ambassador from assassination if we can't find the paperclip to pick the lock in the first place!

Our organizational approach this month will be three-pronged:

1 - Get rid of the things you don't need or won't use.

2 - Store the things that you need but don't use often (such as seasonal clothing).

3 - Organize the rest, the must-have-available things, so that you can find and use them easily.

I've lined up some phenomenal guest bloggers (really, they will blow your socks off) starting next week, but to kick us off today, here are some resources to get you started on organizing thyself (and thy household).

The essential household binder
It seems these binders are everywhere now, since this is traditionally the get-organized time of year. I am nothing if not a follower, especially when the idea seems to be as genius (and tried and tested) as the household binder idea, so I'm currently building my own household binder. Here are some of my top resources as I am building my binder:
And if you're like me and have papers -- important and not-so-important -- floating around everywhere (except where they should be), you might try Toni's solution for a mobile command center.

Planning and calendaring {printables}
Even in the modern technological age, I think everyone still uses some kind of hard-copy calendar. There's something about saying, "I'll pencil you in" and then actually using a pencil to mark the calendar that's just instinctive, I think. ;)

Sofia of Sofia's World offers a simply gorgeous printable for a weekly, never-expires planner -- just print and bind it yourself and add whatever else you want to make your planner perfect for your needs! If you prefer your calendar on the wall, try this 2011 printable calendar from Tip Junkie (in color or black and white) or this gorgeous printable Words to Live By calendar from Home Made Simple.

Or, if you really want to be just like me {blush}, you can print out my simple family calendar and blog planning calendar, both PDF files, black and white with minimal ink investment. :) (Is anyone interested in the Word versions of the calendars? I customize mine by typing in recurring events, such as birthdays and weekly date night assignments, so let me know if you'd love the original Word version so you can do likewise.)

family calendar - - - - - - - - blog calendar

How wilt thou obey and organize thyself? Come link up your organizing projects, goals, and tips! (And remember that linking up will be factored in to some future fantastic giveaways :) And, if you'd love to, grab a button.

Happy organizing!

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Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

Well, one of my Feb. goals is to get our household finances "organized."
And I'm planning to organize Adam's snacks so he can get them himself when Baby Brudder comes. Plus, there's organizing that needs to happen in the boys' rooms.

I LOVE that mobile command center. Definitely need something like that!

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I need to check out this household binder thing. Sounds interesting. I also need to better organize my blogging. I have a planner, but I rarely use it and when I do, I never stick to it. Not even close. Can't wait for this month of Housewife MacGyver!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

And we DO want to be just like you! :)

Sofia said...

Thanks for linking my printable planner. I love using it!! I hope it will be helpful for your readers too.
Okay, here is a tip i tried out yesterday and made me feel loads light, lol:) Take a trash bag and walk around rooms (bathroom, living, etc) and purge 30 items - doesn't matter how small or big, paper or clothes or toiletries. Just toss whatever you think needs to go. I am going to try to do this every week.

Heather said...

I so excited for this Lorene! I actually just came across the How Does She household binder, and am starting to make one for myself. Maybe this will kick me into gear! :)

Nick and Keira said...

Just a tip I use: we have Family Home Evenings as LDS people, (but having a family night is a good idea anyway, no matter what religion you are) and those nights (usually Sunday or Monday) we talk about the week ahead. I whip out my planner and we discuss everyone's needs and schedules. It's really nice to be on the same page! I'm making sure I institute that every week now.

And yes, we all want to be like Lu!

Kristine said...

I'm your newest follower. Just found your site. Love it. I will definately be paying very close attention to your MacGyver series. Please check out my site.


Linda said...

I'm late on this since we have all been struck down with the flu all month. I am going to work on a garden journal because I need one desperately:) Some of the printables will be very helpful to that end (gardening is all about timing). Thank you!

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