Housewife MacGyver: Wrapping up the Domestic Sphere

We've had a great month domestically! A huge thanks to all our guests:

How has your domestic month gone? I will be honest... mine was less than I had hoped. We spent my husband's spring break car shopping instead of cleaning and then it's been rainy (and snowy!) about two out of every three days since then... so we spent the sunny days playing instead of doing chores like washing our nasty windows. :)

I do have one project that I'm still working on that I hope to be able to share with you on Monday... In the meantime, here are some awesome domestically-inclined projects to keep you busy while I'm busy with mine. :) And don't forget to come enter the giveaway for the dino applique!

Head over to Maker Mama to learn about the 8 green cleaning essentials -- and in addition to being "green", these green cleaners are also chee-ep! :)


Try out a version of a stay-put kitchen towel with Pin. Sew. Press. (left) or Sassy Sanctuary (right).

And don't forget your apron!
from left:

can't leave the wee ones out...

But what apron would MacGyver wear?
One of these of course!
(because we know MacGyver would have an iPhone!)

Have a great weekend!

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Debra said...

Some of those projects have been on my to do list for like a year now. I think that officially makes me a slacker. I keep telling myself that I fix that but I am so stinkin' good at that slacker thing.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

I LOVE that kitchen towel from Sassy Sanctuary! Great links, Lorene :)

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