Baby Cyclist Romper: The Finishing Touch

Remember the baby cyclist romper (originally posted here)?

I really wanted to print sponsor info on it, just like real cyclists. But... I ran into a few problems. Mostly me being indecisive. I couldn't decide what sponsors to put or how to do it to make it look legit without just being silly (and, yes, I know it's for an infant who couldn't care less... but I care!).

So, instead of painting on my piece of hard work and potentially RUINING it, I went with a much safer and less permanent cycling solution: a personalized racing bib!

Yes, not a bib-bib like to catch food and drool. The piece of paper competitors wear in events to distinguish them by number is also called a bib.

Although now that I think about it, a bib-bib-bib (meaning, a real drool-catching bib that looks like a racing bib) would be awesome. I'll get right on it, because now that my little nephew has made his grand (and healthy) debut, he'll be needing his own personalized bib :)

The bib is just a 6x4.5 inch piece of paper. The top black bar is about 1 inch tall and the bottom bar is about 1.5 inches. Text is written in Bebas font (here on dafont). Easy-peasy!

(And just in case you are worried, Tondo was his nickname. Not his real name. He has a much better name now that he's here. :)


Megan Harmeyer said...

How fun! I bet they'll love it.

Tricia said...

I love it. It turned out perfect, and the removable bib is a great idea. Well done Lu.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Adorable, Lorene! It's the perfect touch.

Gibby said...

I just ran across this while searching for a cyclist onesie for my new grandson who is due in march. This is so adorable. My daughter is a hardcore cyclist and would LOVE this. Is there a possibility you would/could make one to sell? If not I understand-- Keep up the good work. You are talented.

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