The Mommy Necklace {baby shower gift}

I promise, someday I'll be done talking about baby gifts. Maybe. Actually, I take that back -- I make no promises! :)

Anyway, this necklace was a fast and easy yet thoughtful pull-the-heartstrings gift. I put this together for a sad occasion -- a neighbor who lost her little boy -- but the same gift would be so fun for a new mom, too, because who said that mother's jewelry should only be for Mother's Day??

Just run to the craft store and grab a necklace chain (or make your own by buying the chain and clasps separately -- less expensive in the long run and then you can customize the length, too) and a couple of charms -- I grabbed a monogram for the baby's name, plus a birthstone charm and a heart. Easy peasy!

I picked up my supplies at Hobby Lobby when everything was on sale, so the whole ensemble cost around $7. I did have a hard time finding the correct birthstone color, though, so you may have to shop around some or order online. I'd suggest waiting until the baby is born before you buy the stone though, especially if the due date is around the beginning or the end of a month... Babies are unpredictable that way!

If the mommy in question isn't a necklace wearer, or you'd like to make a full set, you could also grab some matching gems/charms/beads and put together a simple pair of earrings or a bracelet. Now that I'll be a mommy to two, I have every intention of making myself some mommy jewelry to wear proudly every day... and probably repair weekly since little hands love sparkly :)

You could also get your craft on with some birthstone color guitar picks and stamped washers made into a pair of rock and roll earrings for mommy, or, even simpler, grab a bunch of buttons and make some button jewelry.

And, if you're not a crafter, check out two of my favorite mommy jewelry shops:

Chunky Bling specializes in interchangeable watch bands and faces, but they also have a beautiful line of necklaces and bracelets, including this gorgeous birthstone necklace ($15) and bracelet ($20):

and their Swarovski pearl or crystal rings are GORGEOUS and so affordable ($13 each!) that you can buy one in every birthstone color :)

Belleza Mia is my other favorite shop. Everything in the shop is just stunning and so unique. Kendra, the shop owner, also blogs over at On My Side of the Room when she has a break from the jewelry genius. :) She's on a shop-cation (as in... taking some time away from the shop), so you'll have to wait until next week sometime to drool over everything. To tide you over, some birthstone eye candy:
left: sterling silver and lotus birthstone necklace
right: mother's leaf and branch birthstone necklace
 And, if you're like me and just growing your family, Kendra is happy to add new birthstones as you add to your family, too. :)

This post is not sponsored in any way... I just love these shops! I do know both owners, but my jewelry-love is leaps and bounds beyond the friend-promo :)


Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

How sweet to make that for your neighbor. My husband's sister's baby passed away a about a year and a half ago and I know they appreciated all the small things people did for them.

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

What a sweet necklace, Lorene. I love that you can personalize it in so many ways and add charms for additional children.

Debra said...

I think it is beautiful and thoughtful. The perfect gift. You really are such a thoughtful person, I miss having you next door...everyday.

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