Friday Confessional


I've given in... I'm confessing... :) You can too!

I confess that my 20-month-old moved to a big (twin) bed this week. No muss, no fuss. As punishment from the parenting gods, he's now waking up at 6 AM most mornings and having screaming fits intermittently throughout the day. Today's first episode was (apparently) triggered by me blow-drying my hair. I now understand why some animals in the wild eat their young. 

I confess that this week has been one where we open the cupboard and say, "We're out of [bowls/spoons/plates/cups]... must be time to do the dishes." But I've been ticking things off my travel-crafting checklist!

I confess that I am struggling hard core with being pregnant right now, more than I ever have. Not for any of the normal reasons like stretch marks or maternity clothes, but because I want to run a 5K this weekend. I know it's safe for pregnant women to exercise and run and all, but it hasn't worked out so well for me. Like fainting spells and sick for 2 days not-so-well. (Something about taking the first 4-5 months of pregnancy off exercise-wise?) But I am in agony thinking of walking while everyone else is running.

I confess that my son's newest word is bodyslam and I love when he'll yell it in a gravelly voice before jumping on Daddy. And then he'll come stroke my belly and say baby. Melt much?

I confess that I drove all over town yesterday looking for croissants because I wanted chicken salad sandwiches. And I nearly had a moment when my husband suggested I just use bread or a hot dog bun. And then he very kindly drove to the neighboring town and bought the biggest, most delicious croissants EVER.

I confess that Netflix and streaming Sesame Street makes blogging and cooking dinner in peace so much easier. Now I just have to deal with my son's first waking word: "Elmo?"


Anonymous said...

1) You are funny. 2) Walking the 5k this weekend wont be that bad?? My goal is just to finish before they stop taking time. I think we can do it :) See you tomorrow!

Megan Harmeyer said...

YAY for the seamless transition to the toddler bed!!

You are crazy! I wouldn't run a 5K - pregnant or not. LOL Walking wouldn't be least you'd be doing it!

Your son sounds so cute!! I can just imagine him saying those things.

Good for you for sticking to your guns and getting the croissant. A pregnant woman wants what a pregnant woman wants. Right?

I am in LOVE with streaming Netflix. Sesame Street and Thomas are constants in our house...and musts for my sanity!

Happy weekend!

Nick and Keira said...

This post made my day :) Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Bahaha! I love it. "Elmo?"

And also got a kick out of him throwing a fit triggered by you blow drying your hair. So excited to experience these joys of parenting.

(Steve and I have determined that with me as Mom, our little girl is doomed to be the WEIRDEST girl ever.)

Kat said...

Ah yes, moving them to "big kid" beds is fun, until they aren't "caged" in anymore and they decide 6 something is a great wake-up time. During the winter we use the it must be daylight out, but that doesn't work in the summer! Lols.

Love the body slam and then gently saying hello to the Baby!

Netflix, streaming shows, DVR are my kids' best friend when I need to get something done! :o)

Have a great weekend!

the cape on the corner said...

i have been CRAVing chicken salad sandwiches for weeks now. tonight i might have to give in!

Mamarazzi said...

my sister just ran a marathon and she is 4 months pregnant...that is, in my opinion, B-A-N-A-N-A-S!

yay for things that help watch the kids when dinner and blogging is a must!!

thanks for linking up, happy to have you join in!

Debra said...

YAY! I love that you did a confessions post! Sofie climbed out of her crib for the first time today, so I think we are not far behind you on the toddler bed and I am surprised it took you this long to want to eat Paul! Can you believe that you come on WEDNESDAY!!!!!!I love that he says bodyslam. Like LOVE!

Danae said...

Ha! Summer and Netflix, with their unending stream of inane children's programming... not good! My 2-year-old watches WAAAAAY too much Dora! (Is it a bad sign that she counts her sandwich pieces in Spanish?) Good job with the toddler bed! I always say that sort of transition is harder on us than them-- I usually have major anxiety for weeks ahead of time, and then they sail through with hardly a glitch. I figure our youngest will be our last, and without the motivation of another baby coming, I'm having a hard time pushing her along. All the others were in a bed by her age, but she's still happy in her crib...until she's 16, right?
Anyway, who needs clean dishes? Good luck with the summer crafting!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

I CONFESS...I was very late for church on sunday,because I was blogging...but don't tell my husband or anyone else! hee hee!

The Kooky Queen--Rachel said...

Wow, you are amazing. I never once craved anything exercise related while pregnant. :)

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