Becoming the Housewife MacGyver AROUND THE HOUSE

Welcome to July! June just flew right by... Just in case you missed one, be sure to check out these fantastic guests and their posts about becoming the Housewife MacGyver in the kitchen:
Thanks ladies!

And now we're on to July...

So, what does handywife MacGyver do around the house? All sorts of things, of course, but this month guests will be sharing their wisdom about:
  • what is and/or should be in your toolbox
  • basic electrical work
  • the dishwasher
  • the fridge/freezer
  • the washer
  • the dryer
We'll cover what we can around the house, but there are just SO many things to know about fixing and maintaining properly around the house. And many of those things must be learned at the School of Hard Knocks (SOHK, more commonly known as Gee That Was Stupid: I Won't Do That Again).

So, that's what I want to hear from you today: What lessons have you learned that you can share with all of us? (We'd love to be able to skip a few SOHK lessons...)

And what questions do you have about handywife work? Personally, I am about ready to take a crash course on swamp coolers since ours is less cool than swampy and our landlord is taking his time fixing it...

This post is part of the Housewife MacGyver series on just Lu. Read more about Housewife MacGyver and see all the posts in the series here.


Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

lol. I've been working on a post about whats in my toolbox!!

Debra said...

Seriously LOVED the recipe substitutions and the make ahead post. I have always made my cookies ahead, but I have never thought to do it with other things. I love this month, great ideas!

Danae said...

Some of our stupidest mistakes have been things our parents never took time to teach us. When we bought our first lawn mower, I didn't worry about it, 'cause it was "outside stuff", aka My Husband's Job, and his dad never taught him about putting oil in a lawnmower, so we burned the motor out within a year. So I find myself trying to be very conscious of teaching my kids the basic stuff-- how and why we do basic maintenance around the house. It's an awful lot easier doing the jobs without worrying about them, but I figure in the long run it's easier to teach them as we go along.

Nick and Keira said...

"Less cool than swampy" make me laugh! You are so witty! ;)

I'm excited for this month!! I have to tell you--I seriously know NOTHING on any of these subjects and would be no where without my husband's handiwork! But we all know he can't always be around, and so it'd be nice to not call him in panic... :)

Gwen @ Gwenny Penny said...

Can't wait for this month's posts. Love the Drano in the apron pocket :)

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