Friday Confessional: A bag o' random


I'm weird and always try to theme my confessions... but today that's just not really happening. So welcome to the bag o' random confessional! :)

I confess that I went to the dentist this week.

I confess that I love going to the dentist. I love having clean clean teeth. And it doesn't hurt that my dentist always compliments my teeth, too. I like thinking that something in my life is perfect. :)

I confess that I always feel like the dental hygienist (the one who cleans my teeth) knows more about me than she actually (probably) does. I mean, if she can tell that I don't floss as often as I should and that I had corn on the cob for lunch, what else could she know about my deep dark secrets?!?

I confess that we are probably putting in an offer on an *adorable* house today, or at least soon.

I confess that I never thought the day would come when my husband, who some call the cheapest man alive, who is a huge save-save-saver, would voluntarily be wanting to put an offer on a house. The house is that awesome. And that cheap. :)

I confess that I hope to be coming home from the hospital with my baby any day now! No, I haven't actually had her yet. I'm just WAY more excited to bring her home than I am for the L&D part of it. :)

I confess that I still have a huge list of before-baby projects.

I confess that I've stopped caring about the aforementioned list. What happens will happen and if it means she'll come TODAY, I'll give up on the whole list. At least for a few weeks. :)

I confess that I'm not sure how this whole baby thing will affect this here blog. I don't plan on calling it quits, but I don't plan on still blogging as frequently (or infrequently :) as I have been. I have some Housewife MacGyver guests lined up and we'll see where this goes from there. Thanks for being along for the ride! 


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

Fingers crossed on the baby! Get her here soon. ;)
Exciting about the house- So much fun! Hope you get it.
Come back! Or at least come around. I'd totally miss you and your amazing sense of humor!

VandyJ said...

Hope the house offering goes well! And hope the baby comes soon!

Megan Harmeyer said...

I like to theme my confessions, too. It's the OCD in me.

Ugh. The dentist. That's a bad word in my house! LOL I don't mind my old dentist, but he retired and I don't care for the young whippersnapper who replaced him. LOL

I'm excited for you!! For the possibility of a new awesome, cute house and for your new baby!! SOO EXCITED!

We'll understand if you need to take a step back once the baby arrives - you need to take care of her and YOU! I know you'll be back.

Katie @ On the Banks of Squaw Creek said...

oh no, Lu! I just saw this in my reader and realized I forgot to post about my guest post. That's my confessional! Posting it RIGHT NOW!!!

A Randomlicious Blog for the Soul said...

I would like to do a themed confessional one day..I can't seem to find much to confess about that way.

Good luck with having the baby I know the feeling!
Have a great weekend.

Anonymous said...

What house did you guys find? Hoping baby girl comes soon!

Sarita said...

Good luck on the baby! You will be just fine! Over here from Mamarazzi!

Ann Martin said...

Best wishes, Lu! I hope everything goes perfectly.

Andi @ Jane of all crafts said...

I love how clean my teeth feel after the dentist too!! And yay for almost baby and almost new house!! So exciting!. Best wishes!!

Date Girl said...

Good luck with the house! We are in the process of house hunting and it is sooo emotional. It's hard not to get attached to a home before the offer is accepted. Hope it all goes well!

Good luck with the baby delivery and I hope she gets here soon!

Jocelyn Christensen said...

Don't go away!

Mel the Crafty Scientist said...

That's all such awesome news and exciting stuff happening! Good luck and congrats on it! And I wish I loved going to the dentist more... I feel like they always judge me and know too much also and it just freaks me out. : )

-Mel the Crafty Scientist

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