Anxiously Engaged: The List

I've decided to borrow an idea from Amy at Increasingly Domestic and use Wednesdays as my "word" day, to update how I'm doing with my one(ish) little word for the year. Hopefully this will keep me going strong all year!

And I'm also still doing Wednesdays on (and off) the Web over at Housewife Eclectic. This year I'm adding in more fun and good things on and off the web, so it's not just online tips anymore. :) Come on over! Today we're exfoliating digitally...

When I introduced my word(s) for 2012, I told you that I set a LOT of goals. That is true. Most of my goals this year are residual from my before-25 list that I made on my last birthday, but I've added a few more and divided them up into 5 categories: to be anxiously engaged in...

living a healthy(er) life
growing spiritually
using my brain more
developing relationships
doing new and fun things

So, if you really want to know the nitty gritty of what my goals are... read on. :)

living a healthy(er) life
Run another 10K... and actually train for it :) 
Improve my posture
Complete the 200 sit-ups challenge
  Hike Mt. Timpanogos

growing spiritually
Re-read all four books of scripture 
(Old Testament, New Testament, Book of Mormon, and Doctrine and Covenants/Pearl of Great Price)
 Attend the temple (at least) once each month
Actively invite the Spirit into my home each day

using my brain more
Read two books per month, one for book group and one other, starting with these:
The Screwtape Letters 
All These Things Shall Give Thee Experience 
The Picture of Dorian Gray
Love in a Time of Cholera 
The Red Badge of Courage 

Watch ten of the top 10 movies of all time (from AMC and AFI)
(normally movies aren't on my intellectual list, but since these are classics, I'm counting it ;)
Build a website
 Learn to make creme brulee
(cooking takes a LOT of brain work for me!)

Eat something that I grow myself in a garden of some sort

developing and strengthening relationships
 Go star and satellite gazing with my husband like we used to when we were dating 
Take a family photo in a photo booth
Build a snowman and go sledding with my son
 Have a date night every week with my husband
Take more photos... like maybe one a day   
Tell and show my husband and children that I love them every day
Remember family and friends' birthdays and send cards

doing new and fun things
Finish the t-shirt quilts that I've been saving supplies for since high school
Visit a state (of the nation, not of mind :) that I haven't visited before
 Learn to eat using chopsticks
Refinish a piece of furniture
Ride in a hot air balloon
Go geocaching
Get a passport

Yeah... can you tell I sometimes go a little overboard? I'm an all or nothing kind of person in many ways. :)

I am actually doing fairly well with most of my goals so far. How are your goals going so far?

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