I confess... it's good to be back!

I confess that it's good to be back to blogging, even in small doses like I have been. :)
I confess that, last week, I curled my eyelashes for the first time in my life. I'm still partly convinced that the eyelash curler was first created as a form of medieval torture, but I do like the improvement in my lashes.

image source

I confess that I've gotten my kids to nap at the same time THREE days this week and that makes me feel like Wonder Woman. Of course, I spend most of that hour of both kids being asleep on Pinterest, but, hey, Wonder Woman's gotta do what WonderWoman's gotta do. And Wonder Woman's gotta pin.

I confess that I am having a lot of fun getting rid of 50 things, but that I refuse to touch my craft supplies as part of the dejunking process.

I confess that the universe is working against me -- as I get rid of things, new things keep showing up. First my recently retired dad handed down a bunch of neckties to my husband, and then this showed up:

It's a corner shelf (the bottom part of this piece by Ana White) that the young men from our church built for us as part of their scouting program. Now I just have to decide how to finish it. What do you think -- wood stain or paint?

I confess that all of these things showing up would bother me more if I didn't love getting new things... :)

Have a great weekend!



Megan Harmeyer said...

I confess I am trying my *hardest* to not check out Pinterest. I don't know how long I'm going to be able to hold out because my BFF just got in to pinning and once she goes, I know I will eventually follow. I'm weak like that. LOL I think you should paint that hutch - there's so many great possibilities in that piece! Happy Friday! :D

stephanie said...

ohmygosh! I've gotten my kiddos two nap at the same time THREE times this week too! I keep thinking maybe they've been replaced with pod babies because it is just SO weird!

Tera said...

I love the corner cabinet! I probably wouldn't need to get rid of so much if I had better storage for it. Fun!

And I've always known you were Wonder Woman! :)

Jocelyn Christensen said...

You confessions rule!

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