And that's what they call a hiatus...

So... you probably didn't notice, but I've been away. I mean, not many of us notice when posts from one of the many blogs we follow just stop showing up in our readers. I usually don't.

I never intended to not be blogging. I just never actually blogged. At first I was just having a frustrating creative block. Once I got over that, I did plenty of creative things worth sharing. I thought about blogging. A lot at first, and then not so often as I merged back into the real world, that strange place where people rarely, if ever, stop every step along the way to take photos for a tutorial.

And then we bought our house (after months of waiting).
Our first real home task was dealing with a creeper.
Thankfully the "creeper" at hand was a  pesky vine and not a lurking neighbor ;)

And Debra moved much closer.
I got to be Debra's guest at the opening of the new DownEast store in Tooele. So fun and such a great store!

And suddenly all my creative zeal and energy that had been missing for months was back! Now my head is swimming with more ideas than I can ever afford to bring in to reality in the 24-hour days we mortals have to function in. But it's good to be back :)


PS -- I redesigned this lil ol' blog, so you really should come visit and see the new look! And you can follow me on Pinterest, too, if you want. 


Amy at Ameroonie Designs said...

So glad you're back to blogging. Your creativity has been missed. :)

Polly @ Helping Little Hands said...

How exciting to be in your own house!! Can wait to see your projects. :)

Camaree said...

Love the new look. So jealous you and Debra get to be close again!

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