Kid's Sewing Kit, version 2.0

Just over a year ago, I made the original Kid's Sewing Kit for one of my nieces. Since then, her younger sister has asked me at least twice a month if I would make one for her. I love when they love what I make for them! So, for her 9th birthday earlier this month, I finally put it together.

The major improvement in Version 2.0 is a sample of each project for which supplies are included in the kit. Rather than the pre-cut shapes (flowers, hearts, etc) that most store-bought kits have, I just included large pieces of felt in many colors so she can use her own creativity to decide what shapes and colors she wants for which projects. I love seeing what my creative nieces come up with!

I included three simple and skill-appropriate projects:

To make the slider headband, I just stitched a small strip of felt on to the back of the shamrock as I stitched the circle on to the front. Easy peasy, slides right on for a holiday and right back off when the holiday is over.

I picked up another snap n stack organizer from JoAnn's ($4, on sale) and put all the supplies inside:
  • darning needles in a felt needle book (on-hand)
  • embroidery floss (on hand)
  • two small spools of ribbon (clearance $1 for both)
  • a small assortment of buttons, in a tiny dollar store container (on hand)
  • paperclips for the bookmarks (on hand)
  • additional headbands ($1)
  • pre-cut felt strips for bracelets (on hand)
  • large scraps of felt in many colors (on hand)
I would recommend a pair of scissors ($1-2) as well, but I forgot until ten minutes before the party. Oops!

So, my total was $6, but even if you need to buy more of the supplies, you're still looking at an awesome diy gift for the young girl in your life for around $10. 

A few days after I gave this to my delighted niece, her sister attended a "Sew 7" birthday party where each guest had a sewing machine provided to sew a cute little gift bag and a couple other projects. A mini version of this kit would be a fun party favor for a sewing birthday party! 

I grew up sewing and learned most everything I know from my mom, who sewed everything -- including my oldest sister's jeans! -- back when handmade was a necessity and not en vogue. I treasure my basic sewing skills and I love passing the sewing/creating bug on to the next generation. 

Did you grow up sewing or learn as an adult? or are you still a non-sewist? 
(It's okay, I won't judge :)

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