"Tangled" Envy

Are you familiar with Rapunzel, from Disney's Tangled? Because, I confess, I've got Tangled envy, and it's not for the reason that you think.
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It's not for her amazing hair, even though it does look great both long/blonde AND pixie-short/brown. Oh, and the whole magical powers thing. But that's not it.

It's not for her skills with a frying pan.

It's not for her super cool chameleon buddy.

It's not even for the fact that she has an adorable love story that makes me get a little choked up. Every time. (My husband has a pretty good smolder of his own, sorry Flynn.)

Nope, my Tangled jealousy is purely based upon all of the time she has to devote to her hobbies! Just listen to her telling of it:

I can't be the only one who thinks, "Gee, it can't be all that bad in that tower... away from all the people... with all that time to devote to awesome talents..." I mean, c'mon -- ventriloquy, chess, and paper-mache, all in the same day, and all after all the housework is done. Yeah, there's a lot of wondering and brushing... but also guitar! pottery! painting!

I think rather than asking when will my life begin, I'd be shouting from the rooftops that this is the life!

Sign me up for my time in the tower! Just think of all the sewing I could get done! and how much better I could become at quilling! and oh, all the HTML and CSS and other coding goodness I could learn with a few uninterrupted hours...

Now, before you judge me too much, I know, hobbies are not all there is to life. And I know that I'd miss my husband and kids (eventually...) if I had a chance at the tower.

Because while varied hobbies and creative endeavors are definitely the spice of my life, they aren't actually LIFE.

So, that's where I've been this week. Smack dab in the middle of this wonderful and crazy life. Which reads a little bit more like this:

and looks like this:

But, at the end of the day (every day), this is my life, and it is glorious and I am so grateful for it. Grateful that I can to share a bit of it with you, my bloggy friends. And grateful that I have a chance to do it all again tomorrow, and hopefully better than I did today. And maybe with a little more paper-mache. ;)

If you had your chance at time in a tower, what hobby would you take up or improve? 
I'm pretty sure I'd love to figure out Google+....



Debra Hawkins said...

I confess. I am an awesome ventriloquist. Not. Seriously though. I have always thought that would be a particularly fabulous skill.

Also, I have never understood how with hair so long it can reach the bottom of the tower, how they can braid it so it doesn't trail.... the thoughts that consume me.

Debra Hawkins said...

Also. I love that you are watch conference with the ipad on an easel. Makes my life happy.

Susan said...

Just found your blog via a comment you made on someone's Top Ten Tuesday post and this post just made me laugh. I think all of us moms feel that way sometimes (maybe ALL the time) :)

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