The Village Mother, and a Kids-Can-Do Peekaboo Card

I'm still paying homage to the amazing moms of all kinds who have shaped my "mama schema" (read the post to understand what in the world that means :) and sharing simple handmade cards to deliver to these women who have been so influential in my life. Check out today's easy but awesome card tutorial at the bottom of the post: kids-can-do peekaboo art card. 

The Village Mother

A Village Mother is a woman who watches out for my kids, just because. Sometimes when I'm not able to be present (such as when my children go to their classes at church) and other times they take and entertain my children and save my sanity (so grateful for amazing aunts and cousins!)

sorry, Di, this was the only picture I had!
Village mothers take the form of teachers, friends, aunts, cousins, nieces, neighbors, and sisters. (In case you can't tell, I sure love my sisters an awful lot :) You find them at school, at church, around your neighborhood, pretty much anywhere. While my children are ultimately my responsibility, I am sure grateful for the village of support I have!

a few of my amazing nieces
These village mothers love my kids like I do -- they are the second mothers that my children will be remembering and appreciating when they are grown and have kids of their own (but hopefully before then, too).

Most importantly to me, the biggest village mothers in my life play and play and plaaaaay with my children -- reminding me that, in spite of whatever phase they are going through -- my kids are fun.

the best babysitters, er, I mean, sister-in-laws a girl could hope for :)
One of the greatest joys I have discovered since my son was born 3 1/2 years ago is the pure delight that comes from seeing someone else fall in love with my child. Seeing someone else enjoy my child reminds me how much I DO enjoy them, and how I should not just love but also enjoy my child.

So, here's to you, my village mothers! Your adoring fans have made you some awesome (if I do say so myself) cards...

Kids Can Do Peekaboo Cards

My kids are too young to operate cutting tools of any kind, but if your children are older, they could really easily do the whole card themselves, with some supervision while cutting.

All you need is two sheets of cardstock and your child's favorite art supplies, plus scissors/craft knife and glue.

Have your kid(s) decorate one sheet of cardstock while you cut the other, either into fourths or just in half. Cut into fourths to show off more of their artwork, or half if your child, like mine, only colors on half of the page. :)

Trace and cut (with a craft knife or scissors) your desired shape from the cardstock to make the peekaboo window that their masterpiece will peek through. Glue or tape the cut piece over the top of their art (once it's dried).

If desired, you can add other material, like I did for the butterfly body:

I kind of love the simplicity of the peekaboo window pane:

And it features an extra lovey peekaboo window on the back:

My kids love making art work, and they especially love it if they are making it for a specific (and beloved) person. I love having them dictate notes and hearing the crazy things they remember and want to tell their sweet "mothers" :)

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Tera said...

I absolutely LOVE this card idea. It's a great way to incorporate the kids art without the card looking like a mess. Clean and personal. Great idea Lorene!

Lorene Nance said...

Thanks, Tera! I really love it, too!

mostlyprobably said...

I actually did this with Loaf for Valentines Day. I got crafty! But somehow my projects never turn out so cute. :) When I move down to Utah County will you come over and get your craft on with me? I need to learn your ways.

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