Just as you go for annual health checkups to keep your body working or take a car to the garage to make sure it does not spoil the long-anticipated trip on summer, your air conditioning unit needs this too. Having regular check-ups and Maintenance of your air conditioner does not only improve the working efficiency of the device, but it reduces unforeseen future costs and unwanted surprises. The following air conditioning features require regular check-up and maintenance for the proper functioning of the unit.

Air conditioner coils

In time, continuous use of the air conditioning unit, makes both the evaporator and condenser coil collects a lot of dirt. This dirt reduces efficient airflow by insulating the coils reducing its ability to absorb heat. The most affected are the outside condenser coils which are directly exposed to dust. If living in a dusty environment it would be easier for you to note when the coils get dirty. This calls for regular checkup and cleaning of both loops to allow adequate airflow around the condenser.

The coil fins

The condenser and evaporator coils have coils fins responsible for taking hot air from the inside and dispersing it to the outside. Over time these fins usually get damaged from high-pressure, power washing and other factors. When affected they mostly bend and therefore can easily block airflow through the coil. When this happens, you need to buy a tool known as ‘fin comb’ which is used to comb these fins back into their normal working condition.

The thermostat

A thermostat is a very delicate device in every type of air conditioning unit. Their central role is to register the temperature level which results in either heating or cooling of the room. Any damage on the thermostat can easily log wrong temperatures which can lead to adverse results. Any discrepancies recorded might result in either overheating or undercooling of the unit. That does not sound good at all. It’s therefore recommended to conduct a regular check up on such a delicate device.

Window Seals

It’s very crucial to always check the seal between the window frame and the air conditioner to ensure it makes contact with the units’ metal case. The reason? Excessive moisture can easily damage this seal and if it happens most cool air from the house is lost from the room. This creates inadequacy of fresh air in the said space.

The coolant 

A leaking coolant can be very dangerous for it poses a danger to anything it leaks on. Such a situation can lead to damage to the whole system stopping the system from working efficiently. Regular check-ups prevents such cases from happening and once repairs or parts are replaced the unit can continue working correctly.

Bottom line

In case your system needs advanced maintenance it’s advisable you seek help from a professional service technician. A well-informed service provider should be at a position of examining areas such as accuracy of the thermostat, amount of refrigerant, electric terminals among others with much ease. Yo0u can get more info and guide at WordPress.